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Computing and Networking
Outsource provides complete design, installation, and maintenance services that allow you to deal with one trusted provider for all your Information Technology Services needs. Whether you are upgrading an existing network or wish to start from square one, Outsource provides a single point of accountability for the entire system. We can provide solutions and services in the areas described below. From equipment to installation to long-term support, Outsource is capable of handling any of today's most complex IT challenges.
Network Design & Implementation
Outsource can provide services for your Local Area Network (LAN), Campus/Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), and Wide Area Network (WAN) needs. We have expertise in Microsoft, Novell Netware, Appletalk and partnerships with Cisco Systems and others. Our engineers are knowledgeable in all Windows Workstation Platforms (NT, Windows 2003 and 2000 Server) as well as Unix/Linux.
IT Equipment Services
Outsource provides complete equipment life cycle management services. From acquisition and installation through to service and maintenance and finally to sunsetting and disposal, we can provide the hardware and knowledge necessary to help your business utilize the PC’s, Servers, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, PBX’s, Printers, etc. which provide the best value for your needs.
IT Security Services
Security is an essential consideration for all Information Technology Services and perhaps even more so with Wireless Local Area Networks. Whether defending against determined or unintentional intruders, the role of security is to ensure only authorized users are permitted access and that confidentiality of information being transmitted is as secure as possible. Outsource, in partnership with Cisco Systems has the skills and expertise needed to Design, Furnish and Install Wireless LAN Systems which incorporate the very latest available, advanced security technology.
Wireless Lan Services
Outsource is a recognized leader in the design and implementation of wireless infrastructures and solutions. Our engineers are Certified Wireless Network Professionals in the Planet3 certification program and can provide full turnkey solutions for wireless applications including site surveys, engineering and design, installation, configuration, integration and support. We are certified as a Premier Cisco Partner with specializations in Advanced Wireless LAN (AWLAN) and Wireless MESH and have extensive wireless experience in Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Distribution.