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Outsource, Inc.

Outsource is a leading provider of voice and data communication support services and a recognized leader in Telco engineering, installation and staffing Services with a nationwide presence. Our reputation is based on impeccable integrity, responsiveness, customer satisfaction, and a positive "We Can Do That" attitude. Outsource strives to provide a business value proposition to our customers that is superior to other competitive alternatives.

Because of extensive grounding and hands on experience in virtually all areas of the Telecommunications industry from inventory clerk to facilities acquisition to the officer level management in network and customer services operations, the company has been very successful in finding opportunities to deliver value added support services. From start up to the present, Outsource has provided nearly four hundred million dollars in various services to several "Fortune 500" companies and many small companies with more than ninety percent of the revenue derived from services to telecommunication companies including Lumen, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Smart City and others.

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