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Central Office

Outsource provides complete Central Office engineering services, installation and ongoing maintenance support for any and all equipment vendors of circuit and packet switching as well as for central office facilities and supporting systems. Our associates include switching technicians, translations engineers, facilities engineers, wire center distribution engineers, and frame workers. We provide complete engineering, move/add/change support, database updates and ongoing operations.

Engineering Services

Outsource provides qualified equipment installers for all levels of Central Office installation within the Central Office or Remote Terminal environments. Our associates possess the knowledge and capability to install equipment according to manufacturer’s recommendations including Fujitsu, ADTRAN, Calix, etc.; place ironwork and supporting structure; run and lace cable; startup, provision and test equipment to confirm it is ready for service; and cut existing customers into the new equipment. In addition, our technicians will arrive at their assigned task locations fully equipped in vehicles that are clearly marked and provide a professional appearance.

Maintenance Services

Outsource provides qualified maintenance technicians capable of performing all aspects of Central Office Maintenance services including CO Maintenance Technicians, Main Frame Attendants, and Integration Technicians. Our associates are highly skilled and specially trained to read and interpret circuit schematics, repair special circuits, perform trouble isolation on digital CO switching equipment and associated pair gain devices, have a sound understanding of hardware protection, analog circuitry, the ability to isolate troubles associated with copper and fiber transport facilities, and possess the knowledge to provision and maintain special services through DACs and MUX equipment.

Central Office