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A Voice and Data Communications Services Company

Who is Outsource?

Outsource, Inc. is a voice and data communications services company and a National Certified Woman Owned Business. Starting in 1993 as an IT services company, Outsource has expanded rapidly in: the scope of services provided; geographies supported; and the customer base served. We now have a national prominence and currently provide services to small, medium and “Fortune 100” companies. Outsource is experienced in delivering a broad range of services to the education marketplace and industry verticals. Strategic industry partnerships enable us to quickly and effectively respond to customer needs.

Because of extensive grounding and hands on experience in virtually all areas of the telecommunications industry from inventory clerk to facilities acquisition to the officer level management in network and customer services operations, the company has been very successful in finding opportunities to deliver value added support services. From start up to the present, Outsource has provided nearly four hundred million dollars in various services to several "Fortune 500" companies and many small companies with more than ninety percent of the revenue derived from services to telecommunication companies including Lumen, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Smart City and others.

What Outsource Does!

Outsource helps companies increase business value by: reducing costs; solving business problems; and expanding business capabilities. Outsource also provides Information Technology Services: which are needed infrequently; when a company does not have sufficient scale to develop in-house expertise; where expertise is needed on a temporary basis; or where the technologies involved are not areas where the company desires to develop core competencies. With national coverage and the ability to share staff and skill sets across projects and engagements, Outsource can take advantage of economies of scale to provide quality services at attractive rates.

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